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Restoration of Manoir Chamberland

They say it is never good to fall in love with a house….

That is what happened in 2013 when we first saw the presbytery in Montebello.

It happened to be for sale, and was still for sale when we came back a year later.

We began to imagine the possibilities....


The Montebello Presbytery (rectory) was build in 1938 by Monseigneur Chamberland, who was the priest that oversaw the region around Montebello.

Logo Manoir Chamberland (002) (1).png

Sadly the church, which the presbytery is attached to, had to sell the presbytery to raise funds to repair the church.   The presbytery was in a terrible state of repair, having been rented out for some twenty years.   At the time, when it rained, it rained more inside than out!

The restoration work to bring her back to life was significant -  roof repairs, stone repairs, collapsed walls and ceilings, and complete upgrading of all electrics going from 60 amps to 400 amps.   In terms of plumbing, that also had to be replaced to accommodate 17 toilets up from 3 originally.  

Some of the pictures below will show the 5 year journey to repair the old presbytery, and to bring the Manoir Chamberland to life.   We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we had fun on this restoration journey!

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