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"Flowers are happy things."

P.G. Wodehouse

Since we began building our backyard oasis in 2013, we have planted over 70 trees, 100 rose bushes, and over 450 cedars for the hedges. Every year we are adding new species and features. 


Gardens have a way of nourishing the soul, our backyard oasis is landscaped for all your senses.

When we started the process of landscaping in 2013; we knew that it takes time and patience to get it just right. 


The Gardens of Manoir Chamberland feature fragrant florals and visually captivating landscapes that highlight Montebello’s beautiful countryside. 


Our vision for the gardens came alive looking to the historical relationship that the presbytery and church once held with the land; take time in your stay to pause and explore the exquisite gardens that surround the hotel. 

Garden Statue

We had a completely blank canvas to start with when beginning to create our gardens.


We brought in hundreds of plant species and over the next few years carefully curated the grounds to create picturesque tableaus that captivate from wherever you find yourself standing. Gardens have always been seen as delightful backdrops to social gatherings and a place of fond memories – we look forward to sharing these moments with you at the Manoir Chamberland. 


Some of the pictures below will show the gardens over the years. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we have had the pleasure of gardening.

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